He’s the best massager ever!


What I want to tell you today is really…

I’m sure you have to listen with your ears open.

It’s a really good price, but it’s the best.

I’m going to show you the massage shop at Gangnam station.

Open your eyes wide! Focus! Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m on a diet these days, and it’s really on TV.

How long and pretty celebrities are ㅠㅠ

And then I heard about the meridian, and it’sir.

I thought you had a lot of faces, but what I saw was,

He put up a before and after that he received his whole body and face.

But it’s really amazing..

It’s a postwar comparison that I really need to go to.

It was a good price when I went to the website!

20th and a half-price event in progress!

What you’ve already decided to do,

Let’s make a reservation and go go!

I feel like I’m already a celebrity before I left.

He was so excited.lol lol lol 강남역 마사지 i should be careful not to go out these days

You need to wear a mask and take public transportation!

We’ll take line 2 to get to the location.

Exit 11 and walk a little while.

It was in a very honeyed position! Oh, great place.

It’s here, but the name of the building was City Building!

It’s on the fourth floor, but there’s an elbe.

And I heard that parking is possible.

I don’t have a car, so I’ll continue to take the subway.

I think you’re going to use it, but if you’re using it,

If you’re interested in it, it’s just for your reference.

As soon as you open the door, smell it~ Please welcome me.

That’s exactly what I smell when I enter the shop.

It was a pleasant fragrance that was well maintained!

It smells good, but the staff was kind.

I feel so much better now that you welcomed!

I’m so glad you’re doing a good job.

I got counseling and got a proper massage at Gangnam Station!

KN Body & Skin logo is perfect for the consultation room!

Can you see the small picture over there?It’s Roh Ji-hoon.

There was a little picture on it, so I was like, really?

Mr. Roh Ji-hoon in Mr. Trot.

I’m one of the real admirers.

It was nice to see you here.

I’m a fan. I asked the manager, uh,

I work regularly every week.

He’s coming to see me.

It’s just that the timing wasn’t right for me.

I didn’t see you. What a shame.

We’ve had a consultation, and we’ve got a whole range of options.

I need you to check one by one.

He gave me some precautions!

I recently had a filler or a procedure.

And you checked the history.

I don’t know exactly why, but three weeks? You should take a break.

He said he liked it! If you have any questions, call!

And everyone, see this…?

where the face has built a tower.

They’re all doing gypsum packs for BEFORE.

I just wanted to put it on display as soon as well!

I’m getting full body and facial acupuncture.

So with the disposable underwear,

I changed into a gown. So I just wanted to change.

It’s easy to dress comfortably and come back.

It was refreshing. All the tips that everyone knows…!

There were a lot of teachers. And I’m one of them.

I’m with the manager today!

And really, everyone… I’m sure all the other teachers are fine.

The manager is really good at cooking. a power chart

It was perfect, and my overall proportion, or the swelling,

You’ve focused on it, but it’s so cool.

It made me feel! Among all the massage at Gangnam station,

It’s no exaggeration to say that your skills are the best.

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