It felt like my body was floating.

Hello, everyone! I’ve had a hectic week these days because of the move. I moved here because of work, but everything was strange and I didn’t know much about this place, so it was just a week when I was preparing to move and working. I was so sick that I thought of a massage, but my colleague at the company told me that there was a good massage shop, so I visited Sejong 24-hour massage shop!

The Luxury Swedish Shop I visited is located near Boram-dong, Sejong. I took the car, but it was supported by a runner, so I visited comfortably. Also, if you take care of it, it’s free of charge for steam washing and polishing. I used to go to get a massage often, but I’ve never seen such a service like this before. It’s time for a new car, and I’m really lucky.

There was a big tree when I entered the shop. Because of the corona, I didn’t feel the year-end or Christmas atmosphere, but at the massage shop at 24 o’clock, I was able to look at the tree for a little bit and enjoy it for a while.

There were Thai-style props everywhere. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to Thailand. I remembered traveling abroad with a relaxed massage. I was frustrated that I couldn’t even travel abroad these days, but it was so nice to feel the Thai atmosphere at the Sejong Massage Shop!

Sejong Massage Shop gave me warm welcome. It was the coldest day of the year, and after drinking a cup of tea, I felt like my body was melting from the cold winter wind. I don’t know the name of the tea, but it was a savory aroma like 세종 마사지 oolong tea, but the taste was much stronger and deeper, so I kept thinking about it. If I ever visit you again, I’ll have to ask you.

While drinking tea, I chose the care I will receive today. The 24 o’clock massage shop consisted of a Swedish + foot bath for 1 hour for course A, B and a Swedish + dry + foot bath for 1 and a half hours for course B and a Swedish + dry + foot bath for course C.

You recommended course B, but it’s been a while since I got a massage, so I chose course C because I wanted to relax my muscles. The first shops recommend expensive courses or force them, but I really liked Sejong Massage Shop’s recommendation of an appropriate course for customers.

Maybe because elephants are famous in Thailand, there were many props and paintings related to elephants all over the shop! The exotic props and interior are eye-catching, and it’s a 24 o’clock massage shop where you can just pass by.

I changed my thick winter clothes into a maintenance suit. Just changing clothes makes me feel so relaxed.^^ I headed to the foot bath to get a foot bath.Sejong 24-hour massage parlor was a bit dark, but it was more warm and cozy. It was a great environment to enjoy a foot bath quietly and peacefully with calm music.

At 24 o’clock, the massage manager washed his feet first, received warm water, and released the fragrant foot bath. It’s called lavender festival, so the scent of flowers is coming up 20 years ago, and I felt less tired and calmed down. I’ve overworked my feet a lot because of the moving, and I feel like I’m melting all the tiredness that’s stuck in my feet.

I started to take care of my body, but she did a light stretching. With a thud, a shameless but cool sound echoed through the room. I was a little embarrassed, but Sejong, the Korean massage manager, answered with a smile.^^ It was as cool as a loud noise.

After warming up, I started to take care of myself with oil. Maybe because my hands were warm and soft, it was a softer Sejong aroma drink than other places. When I was moving, they loosened up my muscles and I felt like my body was getting lighter when I was getting a massage. The 24 o’clock massage manager’s skills were really overwhelming!

If it’s 2 hours long, it’s going to be a long time, but they’re giving me massage everywhere. They’re so enthusiastic that I’m getting the massage, and I’m touched. The pressure and stamina from the small size of the Sejong Massage Manager was very impressive.

I came to the shower to wipe the oil off my body. The shower room at Sejong Mage Shop at 24 o’clock was just clean. I’m usually sensitive to hair, so I’m very concerned about just one strand of hair, but the floor was so clean without any dust.

There were some products I needed to take a shower. The products of Sejong Massage Shop smell good and bubble well. It also cleanses well, so it was enough to wash the oil clean. It was easy to recognize because of the large size of the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

The towels were arranged neatly next to the shower room. The towel at the Sejong 24 o’clock massage shop was as thick as a hotel towel and didn’t fly a lot of dust, so it was good to dry it off. I just wanted to take one.

There were all skincare products, disposable products, and so on. It’s a 24 o’clock massage shop where you can visit comfortably because it has all the necessary products. I was able to do my hair comfortably because it was a new comb without a single hair.

After washing up, they gave me a cup of tea, but this time they gave me a herbal tea. It was refreshing to clear my head with a fresh scent. At 24 o’clock, the massage manager loosened all the muscles that were nervous about his amazing massage skills, so I got a massage and came home. It felt like my body was floating.

After I got the massage, my car was completely new. It was Sejong 24-hour massage shop where my boongboong can also be refreshed! It was a rare massage shop that caught all three rabbits of service, skill, and kindness! I think I’m just going around here

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