Jaytezzo 103 who runs the women’s bag shopping mall together.

Winter will come soon because I can feel the coolness of the wind coming out of the window.

Ha is in the middle of the Chuseok holiday, which makes you feel excited early.

These days, I can’t help but wait for a long time with anticipation and expectation that there will be a lot of things that will cheer me up this winter.

Today, Donggyo-dong showroom, which is also an offline design show room,

J. Tezzo 103 runs a women’s bag shopping mall together.

Let’s start with the pleasant SALE news of the representative Bolio Small collection.

Minimal silhouette and loose details

Jaytezzo 103_ with a bold chain handle added an edge.

Bolio Small Chainback is not only in the 레플리카 Donggyo-dong showroom, but also in the women’s room shopping mall.

It is the most loved design.

Bolio Chainback, launched in the 2015 SS season, is tailored to season trends.

We’ve renewed it to a more compact size.

to enhance the simplicity of the design

Smooth touch and modern and clean visual using square amboskin.

Add black nickel and plating to it.

Bolio Small Chainback with a hip edge of retro mood.

Using a short (chain) handle to create a tote style would be elegant ^^

More carefree and hip with long leather straps.~

The Bolios Mall chainback is designed to provide a pleasant contrast between poles.

On from designer brand J. Tezzo 103You can obtain items under the same conditions for all offline items.

You can visit the Donggyo-dong showroom run by the owner of the designer.

It’s the women’s room shopping mall run by the headquarters. Move Move! if you could

5 days after the Chuseok holiday, a new week begins.

We’re ready to wrap it nicely and send it to you right away!

I’d like to suggest black and gray colors.

Both colors are women’s bag colors, which are the most normal and ideal colors.

It’s easy to coordinate with any color of clothes, and the season doesn’t matter.

I’d like to add that you won’t regret choosing between black and gray.

Black is a color that is almost unique in women’s rooms, so let’s pass on that charm first.

A lot of our customers have added a pleasant nickname, “Grey of 103” to Jaytezzo.

Let’s start with Bolio Small Collection’s appeal to Gray.

Common chacalls and melange grays have a warm sensibility,

It’s a color that makes it look a little bit damp.

We may not be able to make it to the SS season.

Bolio (gray) is based on the angle or light shown by mixing blue dye during the leather dyeing phase.

It’s an attractive color that gives off a bluish freshness.

Seasonless. Of course, you can coordinate with any color.

If you’re not supposed to be black, you can use the Daily Back Color for me.

Bolio (Grey) Perfect! I can’t help but do it.

It’s a grey that you can’t see anywhere else in the world, and it’s easy and easy.

Completed with Bolio SMALL (Black)

Autumn Daily Look & Work Look

Oh! Long-running and beloved at the women’s room shopping mall, Jay Tesoro 103!

If many designs have something in common~!!

Especially, it’s not fashion-conscious and it’s brand-specific.

Not to mention the burden of not missing the originality, but not easily bored.

It’s because the design is complete with such simplicity that you can see for a long time.

Plus, you can coordinate with any style.~

Yo! Bolio Chainman, in fact, chain bag designs are very classic, but they’re very feminine.

Hip? Or a heavy style like a winter look and a design that’s a bit too much to coordinate.

Boliosmall goes well with this simple pant suit, but…

In the coming winter, it’s a bit rough like black padding, one of the national fashions.

I strongly appeal that it really suits you.

If you come back and forth as if you’really~

It’s a season that makes me even more sad and looking forward to.

Before the cold begins, let’s enjoy this fall ^^!

I haven’t even taken out my fall clothes and tried them on.

I’ve been taking out my black padded jacket to put my son to sleep these days to sleep.

I didn’t feel pressured at all. I felt rather cozy.

We have to pass this holiday roughly one way or other.

I just thought it was a holiday, but I was just taking a rest for a long.

I’ve been to Bogwangsa Temple for a light walk on the 1st, and I’m just in the middle of my #I’m on the 1st.

Somehow, today is the 10th wedding anniversary and today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow.

I’m spending the afternoon carelessly.m.

By the end of this fall and the end of winter, we’ll be able to cheer up and please all of us.

I hope that you’ll hear from me.

On this anniversary, the west of Zhihui seems to be spending it empty-handed, so the owner of the restaurant.

I’m going to prepare a little gift for myself.

If there are people who came to the designer’s bag shopping mall with the same thought as me,

I really recommend today’s design, Boliosmall.

Now, the designer will wrap up the news that we prepared for today.

For a hobby that started again with self-healing for me these days.

I’d like to spend the rest of my spare time.

Actually, it’s not a big deal. It allowed me to re-energize my depressed mood for a little bit.

The day when I worked, raised my son, and lived a clumsy housewife life was like that these days.

When I have time, I search the internet without knowing it.

It’s not uncommon for me to be killing time.

Maybe it was the factor that made me more tired. I had a sudden idea.

Again! It’s very obvious, but everything depends on how you decide.

It was more realistic than any other rhetoric.

Is there anything in life?

I can’t make up my mind every second of every day, and it’s gonna be messy and shaky.

Why don’t we think about it like this?

Sometimes it’s okay to go off the street, and sometimes it’s not good to go on a twisted pair!

Don’t scold us too much. Give us some carrots.

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