Let’s enjoy a proper date in a glass of wine today.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, I couldn’t say hello to the countryside because I couldn’t gather for more than five people, and I was thinking about going camping with my family in Cheonan.

This time, I’m just rolling around at home with the idea of taking a break, but I go to a wine bar near my house with the sound of alcohol in my stomach.

We’re here. We’re posting a wine glass today in Dujeong-dong, Cheonan, where you can get a drink and drink it with a bottle.

A place where you can enjoy a glass of wine without any pressure, and take out.

Today’s wine glass at the entrance to the center of the food alley in Dujeong-dong, Cheonan.

Located on the first floor, it’s a nice place to see street people.
Inside the room, there are subtle lights and many wine bottles on display, and there are many tables for two. It’s perfect for a date course.

Gunny thinks the best place is a window seat.

You can enjoy a glass of wine and 강남셔츠룸 have a chat with a lot of people on the busy streets.

In Guni’s personal opinion, this position is good.
There’s a booklet on the table that’s like a poetry book, the menu of today’s wine glass.

The menu varies from simple fruits, grapefruit, cheese, cake, pasta, so it is good to enjoy a glass of wine.

It’s perfect for a glass of wine while enjoying your meal.
“You don’t have to know wine. Tell me everything.”

The staff asked me if it was my first time, so I told them it was my first time, so they kindly let me know.

Ask and recommend wine, and the menu includes sugar and body of wine from 1 to 5, so you can drink it according to your taste.

When the wine comes out, the name of the wine, the sugar, the body, the variety, and the description of the wine that the card in the form of a business card drinks.

It’s good to know the type of wine while drinking wine.
The wines that Gunny ordered were tentatively named “Days I Want To Get Drunker” and “Nights I Want To Be Happier.

They ordered a glass of Spanish and Portuguese wine with the highest sugar content.
A snack with wine that had a great meeting between Harmon and Melon.

This is Hamong who ordered it twice because it was cheap and delicious.

You can see the street over the wine glass and feel sentimental.

It seems that the beauty of wine is that it changes emotionally.

One more white wine that’s too sweet and a little dry.

Suddenly, it’s a night that reminds me of the night.

Cooperstone Creek Chardonnay Australian wine. The dry and non-sweet taste captivated the taste buds of Gu-ni and An-ji-gi, so they also asked where to buy it.
It’s been a while since we had a date with Ahn Ji-gi, who couldn’t be together because she was busy

Let’s enjoy a proper date in a glass of wine today.
I really liked the white wine of Cooperstone Creek Chardonnay, so I ordered a bottle of wine right away and packed it and took it.

You can drink it in the hall today, but you can take it out, so I’ll pack a bottle of it in a good mood.

I’m going to have a drink at home this holiday.
New Year’s Day, 2021,

Happy New Year to all the neighbors and always be happy.

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