The remaining eight exhibition games have become very important for Doosan.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho expressed regret over his defeat in the Europa League of the European Football Federation despite the English Premier League (EPL) victory over Aston Villa.

Tottenham won 2-0 with Carlos Vinicius and Harry Kane’s consecutive goals in the 18th round of the 2020-21 EPL Aston Villa at Villa Park in Birmingham, England on the 22nd (Korea time).

Tottenham put Vinicius in the front instead of Son Heung-min, who was missing due to a hamstring injury.

Vinicius scored his EPL debut goal in the 29th minute of the first half, and Ace Kane scored a penalty kick in the 29th minute of the second half to drive home the victory. Kane, who scored his 17th goal in the league, shared the lead with Mohamed Salah (Liverpool).

Tottenham, which suffered a shocking 0-3 defeat to Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) in the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 on the 19th, succeeded in reversing the atmosphere with a victory on the day.

Tottenham also recorded 14 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses (48 points) and advanced to sixth place, beating Liverpool (46 points). It is also three points away from Chelsea (51 points), the fourth-place player who is given the right to participate in the UEFA Champions League.

According to Football London, Mourinho said after the game, “I am satisfied with the results, the performance of the players, and the attitude of the game.”

However, Mourinho still looked sad about the defeat just two days ago.

He said, “I’m not very happy tonight, why couldn’t I do that just 48 hours ago? The match (against Zagreb) will hurt us for a long time.

Mourinho, who pointed out the attitude of the players in the match against Zagreb, put seven other players in the game, including Vinicius and Joe Roden, to the effect.

“We want more determined and fresh and positive players,” he said. “We needed these players. We need players on the field who know this game is really important. “That’s what Rodon and others did today,” he said.

Mourinho declined to comment on the remarks made by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris after the defeat against Zagreb.

“All players must abide by the coach’s decision,” Yoris said after the Europa elimination. If you don’t listen when you’re not a main player, you have a problem with the team. I paid for it today, which was controversial. Some have commented that Mourinho’s grip on the locker room may be a problem.

“I didn’t see the interview,” Mourinho said. “As I said before, I was in my shell, so I didn’t read or listen to any news.” I’m not interested in it, he said bluntly.

“Our players are only interested in producing the best performance,” he said. I’m just going to focus on my work.

Tottenham, which will have an A-match break, will play Newcastle United on the 4th of next month.
Doosan has a hole in its first base position this season. Oh Jae-il, who was a built-in first baseman, moved to Samsung.

Second baseman Choi Joo-hwan also moved to SK, but Oh Jae-won is holding out, so the hit is small. However, it is not easy to fill Oh Jae-il’s vacancy.

For now, we are waiting for growth from existing resources. Kim Min-hyuk and Shin Sung-hyun are emerging as alternatives. However, if they make it difficult to fill the gap, they can make other choices. Trade is one of them.
However, trade is unlikely to happen immediately. Because the timing is not good.

If trade discussions go back and forth in earnest, the timing is likely to be after the exhibition game.

Doosan head Kim Tae-ryong said in an interview with MK Sports, “I think the coach is giving Kim Min-hyuk a chance and waiting for his growth.” “The team will also wait, paying attention to what kind of play Kim Min-hyuk shows,” he said. “The trade is always open.” But not now. We will have to wait and see.

There is a significant meaning in that it is a “trade discussion after a demonstration game.” The first is to wait for growth in the team, and the second is to consider the situation of the team to face.

First of all, Doosan plans to give Kim Min-hyuk many opportunities. Kim taehyeong, “will fight and win the seat is Kim Min Hyuk” high to draw the line.

This means that Kim Min-hyuk can make the next plan depending on what he looks like in the exhibition game.

Kim Min-hyuk has yet to show his full performance in the practice game. Director Kim Tae-hyung analyzed, “I’m trying to do so well that I’m putting in a lot of effort.”

He also said that he will endure and wait as long as possible as he is a good player.

For now, an exhibition game is expected to be the venue for testing. What kind of play Kim Min-hyuk will show in the exhibition game will be very important. Shin Sung-hyun will also be tested, but the first player to reach is definitely Kim Min-hyuk.

If Kim Min-hyuk doesn’t adapt properly even in an exhibition game, he can take out the next card. It’s a trade.

It is unlikely that it will take 스포츠중계 place at the same time as the season starts, but there is a possibility that the trade will begin after the exhibition game.

If each team’s strengths and weaknesses are revealed through exhibition games, trade discussions can become more active.

The current situation can be said to be a time when each team is all hopeful. Since there was little interaction with other teams, there is no criteria to objectively evaluate what is needed and what is lacking.

The exhibition game is a good stage to understand the pros and cons through exchange with other teams. After running through the exhibition games, the disadvantages and the areas where there is room are easily revealed.

“Trade discussions usually begin to pick up steam after the exhibition games,” said Kim Tae-ryong, head of the team. This is because the lack of each team will be revealed. It will be easier to talk when the exhibition games are over. It is our team’s position that trade is open at any time. It doesn’t mean that he will trade the first baseman, but after the exhibition game, there may be a move to make up for any position that is lacking. First base can be one of the candidates. Once we have watched all the exhibition games, we will decide where the team will go.

Can Kim Min-hyuk prove that he is a player who can take charge of Doosan’s first base through an exhibition game? If it doesn’t work, will Doosan be moving for the real trade?

As with any team, the remaining eight exhibition games have become very important for Doosan.

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