I like the light that makes me feel better

I think the best person is playing sports, so I feel like I’m already loose.

I felt it. It was written in time, on cards, and on cash

You can get general care, you can get aroma care, and

I have a special pain management device, sir! I’ve been in general care, if you like

I’d like to take care of the aroma later

If you go in, you’ll have to disinfect it because of the corona

And I’m afraid of Corona.

I got a massage, but I could get it in a very private place

I have a single-bedroom couple, so I can get it anywhere

I went to change my clothes after I got a jarion

It was neat and nice. I smelled good in my clothes

I’m sure it 김해마사지 was hard to get a massage together

I’m telling you, but you have a good voice. I’m so sick of sleep.

It was so good to get a massage in a sanitary place and it was cool

I think I’ve got a lot of backs in my back. You’re cool.

The pressure was really good, and if you say you’re sick, you’ll give me a little more care

And these careful considerations are pretty good

I’ve been working with my boyfriend since last year

I started work at home,

I’m not sure I’m moving

It was too low,

Eating people just sit there

and leg edema gets worse

It’s not working out.

all day long, you’re moving in the house

I’m sitting in front of a computer

And my shoulders and back are too hard

My boyfriend has a sore back

I’m not comfortable with you

He asked me to go get a couple massage.

Where are we going?

Your boyfriend was just around

I was hoping to go to the Natural Thais

I’ve been booked and managed

I’m not sure I want someone to massage me

with a heart of desire

I was visiting

It’s so refreshing when you come out

I went to the house regularly with my boyfriend.

It’s a place that’s been on TV a lot

He’s already famous for his Suwon couple massage.

These days, I’m going to go to a movie theater

It’s hard to go. I’m not gonna go to spa dates

You guys enjoy it a lot

Why I want to recommend it as a massage

Let me show you one by one

It’s the entrance you can see when you go in.

I’m interested in massage

I’ve been around.

The massage shop is usually a place

who are repatriated and managed

It’s a system,

Some places are where the manager

the counter is managed etc

The need for a counter is very small

There are many cramped entrances.

But here’s a big couch

The other space is very wide

it is necessary to have the air

I could be comfortable.

The space is open as soon as you enter

It was nice not to be frustrated

It’s a price range for each product.

The number and the time required,

in the case of a member

I can get to know you a lot more rationally.

The difference between the normal price is large, but the membership price

The difference in the amount of each course is not large

You can choose from time and course

As the city is the city, hand disinfectants are essential

The more these places, the more

Remember, I keep it more thorough.

The internal disinfection is also thoroughly carried out

We received a massage without much concern!

I’m gonna have a cup of tea

I’ll choose a massage course

You can write a checklist.

where you want to get your massages,

The only part I want you to avoid

You can check everything.

And the fact that oil flavor can be selected

It was good

not just with massages and spas, but with incense

I’m not sure if you’re gonna have time

I was excited to see you

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