I think love is a great feeling that mankind has!

People are based on happy stories.
More than three times the funny story and 0.8 times the sad story.
They remember scary stories more than 800 times.
But I heard that you remember the story about love 4,000 times.
I think love is a great feeling that mankind has!

This time, it is located in Gwebeop-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan.
There was a request to install skyning at the Hound Hotel.
Our company flies everywhere in the sky.
What will happen to the installation of skyning at this hotel?
Let’s look at the images together.

Skyning is different from normal tent annings.
Because I don’t care about the weather.
You can always open it in snow or rain.
This product can be used easily because it can be opened and closed by electricity.
Also, if you receive LED lighting, you can enjoy the atmosphere at night without any extra light.
You can do outdoor activities.

Besides, the fabric that was built in skyning was
Unlike general cloth, it is a luxurious and durable product.
It’s done, so it’s easy to manage.
The frame is made of iron, so it’s vulnerable to pests and moisture.
It has a stronger property than wood.~

Now, when it comes to decorating and utilizing space,
Skyning is now an indispensable thing for our generation.
The hotel also installed skyning through our company.
We’re looking to increase the utilization of space.
Can you feel how much more general purpose of skyning has become?

Our company allows custom-made products to match various interior designs.
The skyning that many people order, regardless of size or size,
I think it will make your home more glossy.

This time, it is Hound Hotel located in Gwebok-dong, 스카이어닝 Sasang-gu, Busan.
I introduced you to the construction site of skyning.

Our company uses know-how built up from years of experience.
With the best technology, we put the satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any questions, don’t feel pressured.
If you can contact me at any time, I’d like a friendly, meticulous consultation.
I promise to solve your problems.

Thank you. 🙂

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