I thought I was in a good mood. I will practice hard so that I won’t forget!


Shinchon Jitsu Lee Daejitsu Painting

Lee Hee-sung, a member of Jisoo Academy’s main building

It’s a blue belt jjitteurun.

It’s already April.

I can feel summer coming soon.

The weather is warm and warm.

It’s hot during the day.

Last weekend, I…

It’s been a while since I donated blood!

The last blood donation was in February last year.

You’re busy with Corona and you’re making excuses.

I don’t think I donated blood well.

This was my 41st blood donation.

(One person who went to the blood donation house as soon as he was 18 years old.)

My current goal is to fill 50 times.

There are nine left!

You’ve done good things, you’ve done 50 times.

Will you continue to donate 주짓수 blood? (Of course I do.)

Blood donation is a life-saving practice?

Anyway, with the health of the jujitsu,

Good luck with your blood donation!

The Jiu-Jitsu technique I learned is.

It’s Gilotin Choke!

Gilotin Guillotin standing

It was used as a death penalty in the West.

The guillotine for cutting hair!!!

Choke named after the guillotine

Fallover is a powerful choke!

My favorite Gilotene Choke!!!

When standing and holding each other’s neck first,

Practice your strong posture first!

And how to open your opponent’s hands!

Put your arms inwards to hold your opponent’s neck and tear them apart.

Hold your neck with both hands, fall back, grab your opponent’s neck and drag him.

Wrap your arm around the other person’s neck and stick it to my body.

Hold your neck while chisel down to the floor and finish it with gilotin chokes!


I dragged him down.

If the grip on your neck is loosened or if you want to move,

You can hold the other person’s waist and move to the waist or back position.

When dragging down to the floor with the choke grip maintained.

You can put hooks on both legs and flip them over your head.

You can go up there and end it with a choke on the mount.

You can also hang it from the side position.

Or hold the grip with your arms.

Hold the other person’s leg with the other hand, fold the other person, and send him to the floor.

You can put a choke on it.

It’s been a while since I learned my favorite jiu jitsu technique.

I was in a great mood.

I’ll have to practice hard so that I don’t forget!

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