I have a dream of buying a house with hope

Most of the time the twenties first started cryptocurrency was ‘recommendation around’.

Mr. A started investing in virtual currency after his boyfriend made a profit of 80 million won when the first coin fever was blown in 2017. I didn’t start investing 폰테크 actively from the beginning, but I was hesitant about the volatility, but when I saw the success stories around me, I felt confident that I could make a living.

As he starts to make profits, he is encouraging his friends and family to invest in virtual money. A’s mother, who started investing in virtual currency under the influence of A, sends Kim a list of investment items every morning, and when A is busy with his company, he watches the charts instead and sends them.

A college student, B (25), also jumped into the Coin War three weeks ago at the urging of his girlfriend, who started at 12 million won three years ago and now earned about 8 million won.

“My girlfriend does not have much to study compared to stocks, so I started a day soon and looked at the high yield.”A 24-year-old worker, C, also started investing in virtual currency in the idea that “everyone else should do it.”

A, including Mr. A, is in the brink of a cliff, and his 20s say he has “found hope” with virtual money investment. It is virtually impossible to build my house with only labor income, which means that I can dream of investing in virtual money.

Mr. A has become a “coin investor” in earnest since early this year, and his portfolio, which started with bitcoin, has gradually expanded to altcoin (virtual currency other than bitcoin). The investment principal, which was 3 million won, also increased to 15 million won, including the money put in stocks and savings, as well as the negative bankbook made to save the house.

Since then, Mr. A’s interests have become virtual currency. The topic of conversation with people around him is also virtual currency.

Mr. A is aiming to pay off his student loan first and to buy a house in Seoul in the long term. It is a dream to set up a house to live with his parents in Daegu. For Mr. A, virtual money is the only ladder of hierarchical movement. “I think I can not catch up with the upper class even if I earn a few decades,” A said. “I think it is a way to go similarly.”

Worker D, 23, is investing in “Diso (the word that it invests in a small amount of coins).” He also invested in altcoin, including bitcoin, bittorent, Mediblock, methadium and milk. He had invested a total of 1.5 million won for three months to earn two million won, not much information like stocks or real estate, but it felt like money was coming in naturally.

Mr. D also holds stocks and savings; he thinks that stocks are “stable assets” because they are less volatile than virtual currencies; while savings are not very attractive to Mr. Kim. The company holds a 5 percent annual interest rate, which is only 100,000 won in profits even if it is due for one year, 500,000 won per month.

Mr. D’s last goal is to eventually leave the dream of all workers, and now he is getting a small amount of income, but he is planning to become a full-time investor later.The company is also growing its dreams by checking the charts once an hour

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